About us

Draper & Dash Healthcare (D&D) is a London based Venture Capitalist (VC) backed healthcare AI and machine learning predictive data and analytics company. We leverage data from the public sector and private healthcare companies both nationally and globally. We provide organisations with solutions that improve quality, safety, outcomes, efficiencies, and opportunities. Over the years we have worked with over 70 healthcare providers in Australia, the UK and US, helping them to drive cost improvements, form new strategic partnerships, improve health outcomes and more.

Draper & Dash Healthcare (D&D) dedicate in excess of £1m per annum solely to R&D into the development of our Healthcare Solutions. Our focus remains on the advancement of healthcare solutions specifically related to improving quality, safety, efficiency, and overall world-class patient care.


The Data Leaders Award

The Data Leaders Awards is the UK’s premier initiative for celebrating data leadership and excellence among the sector’s highest achievers.

CEO Monthly

Draper & Dash CEO, Orlando Agrippa named Software Chief Executive of the Year by CEO Monthly Magazine at their Global Excellence Awards.

DataIQ 100

Draper & Dash CEO, Orlando Agrippa recognised by the DataIQ 100 in their 2019 list, the first and only fully-curated power list of the most influential data and analytics practitioners in UK organisations.

Health Tech Newspaper Awards

Draper & Dash won ‘Best Use of Data in Healthcare’. Draper & Dash also went on to be highly commended in the category of Tech Project of the Year.

UK Digital Experience Awards

The UK Digital Experience Awards are awarded to businesses providing an exceptional customer experience through the use of digital technology.

NTA Awards

The National Technology Awards celebrate the pioneers of new technology, focusing on innovation in areas such as Finance, Travel, Gaming, IoT and Analytics.


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